Japanese takeaway? It's more than that

First, we saw the beautifully-made sushi and sashimi arrive in the UK. Now, we have the other wonderful and exotic tastes of this Far Eastern cuisine on offer in the country's main towns and cities. This is real fresh fare served with vinegared Japanese rice, raw and cooked seafood, veggies, sea vegetables and eggs. Forget processed takeaway snacks and welcome natural ingredients to the food table.

If you like it deep fried, there's the mouth-watering tempura. Relish some seafood or those crunchy veggies dipped in a light batter. Savour every mouthful and enjoy each bite of this Japanese delicacy served with dipping sauce and daikon. If you want the full Japanese experience, be sure to add a side bowl of tempura soba soup or tempura udon. Whether you're at home or in the office, our local delivery service will bring a restaurant-quality Japanese order to your door.

The UK: Amazing Japanese cuisine to your door

Japanese expats and Britain's foodies share one thing in common: their mutual love for high-quality Japanese chow in the UK. However, dining out — Japanese style — is not as popular with the British as the cuisine. This is due in part to the best restaurants having lengthy queues — they're just so popular..With Deliveroo, you get to enjoy a high-quality Japanese spread without the eatery.

A traditional meat and vegetable dish will give you perfect balance in a savoury stew called sukiyaki. You just can't get enough of the fresh green onion, chrysanthemum leaves and shiitake mushrooms. Add gelatinous noodles and tofu bathed in a sweet succulent sauce and it's heaven in a bowl. Consider a classic Japanese pancake okonomiyaki, topped with a flavoursome sauce and some tasty katsuobushi. Order what you know and maybe experiment with a little of what you don't.

If you just need a light bite to enjoy with friends, try some charcoal grilled broiled chicken (yakitori), with its assortment of green peppers, garlic cloves and yummy onions. Whatever's on your mind, once you're ready to order, Deliveroo will get to work on your order.