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You can bring a taste of oriental charm to your mealtimes with a Japanese takeaway in Northampton. There's sure to be a serving of tempura waiting for you with its delicious flakes of seafood deep-fried in a beautifully light, crispy batter. It is often accompanied by a tentsuyu sauce dip which is made from mirin, soy sauce and dashi. Alternatively, you might find noodles known as soba on the menu. They are made from buckwheat, and can be served cold with a sauce or put in a soup. Speaking of soups, miso soup is frequently sought at any time of the day, even breakfast. For a hot and spicy dish, look for a delicious Japanese curry with a side of pickles. If fukujinzuke isn’t on the menu, don’t hesitate to try the red pickled ginger. Relatively new to Japan, the idea of curries was brought to the country from India by the British. For a barbecued flavour, look out for yakiniku, the Japanese term for barbecue. This tends to consist of a selection of bite-sized grilled meats such as chicken or beef cooked over charcoal. Whatever type of Japanese takeaway you might find, Deliveroo can deliver its flavours straight to your door.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For healthy Japanese takeaway, look no further than Ginza for some feel good food.

We deliver great Japanese food between the hours of 11am and 10pm.

The average Japanese meal in Northampton costs £25.

The most ordered Japanese dishes includes Red Dragon Sushi, Chicken Gyoza and Mix & Match Teppanyaki Noodles.

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