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Order with us and we'll deliver the taste of Japan to your table. Enjoy a warming bowl of ramen brimming with noodles and delicious hot broth, try a teppanyaki dish or choose teriyaki chicken. What about a bento box or a poke bowl for lunch, or a spicy Japanese katsu curry? Don't forget those starters and sides – order gyoza, or try edamame beans with chilli and salt or some hot miso soup. Whatever you choose from the delicious dishes of Japan, we'll deliver your meal direct to you from Horsham's top restaurants.

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Best-rated Japanese restaurants in Horsham

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174 - Wagamama - Horsham

 4.4 Very good (50+)

Food was so fresh and delicious. Would recommend!!


Dish was very good and delivery was speedy!


Nice, fresh and quick delivery! The delivery rider was great too!

Kokoro Horsham

 4.4 Very good (50+)

Fed the very hungry staff on a very busy ward and was very delicious thank you


Really nice chicken and the sauces in the salad were exceptional!


Chicken was really good and the rice was amazing. The combo of both with the sauce with spectacular!

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