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When you think of Japanese, you probably imagine sushi, but this is a nation that takes its food too seriously to limit itself to one style. Japan adores elegance and minimalism - traits that leak all the way through its gastronomy, from the way it wraps each gorgeous maki roll to the beauty in each bowl of miso soup. Japan is just as passionate about dessert, serving delicately wrapped sugary delights that often include jelly and azuki beans. Japanese food often includes flavours that symbolise eras from the past. Each ingredient represents one of many seasons, and its taste is intended to connect you to bygone years. The cuisine relies on the elegance of simplicity, so flavours are usually simple, yet stark. Many of its dishes are boiled, seared, or lightly seasoned, but the most important flavour here is umami: the rich profile so characteristic of the cuisine. Condiments like soy sauce and pickles are included to amplify diversity. Food is serious business to the nation, so its food traditions have been celebrated by the UN for their cultural importance. When you order Japanese takeaway in Winchester, you’re enjoying UNESCO cuisine that’s key to traditional culture. You’re helping to preserve your own slice of history.

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