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Ipswich looks out across the North Sea towards the Land of the Rising Sun so what better excuse can there be to enjoy a Japanese takeaway? An ideal dish to start with could be Tonkatsu which is usually a deep-fried fillet of pork coated in a thick batter sprinkled with breadcrumbs and served with a hot soy sauce dip. Try a dish of chicken or fish such as coley which can be flavoured with crushed ginko nuts and kamaboko, a type of fish paste, before being slowly steamed to preserve the flavours. There are various chicken dishes such as nanban which is a portion of fried chicken coated in a tartare sauce. Chicken karaage usually uses various spices and soy sauce as a marinade before being deep-fried in corn oil. Another version of Japanese chicken is tebaski which has a spicy, sweet sauce. One of the most popular desserts is the castella cake which is a light golden sponge. It has been a traditional dessert in Japan since Portuguese sailors left the recipe behind in the seventeenth century. Discover the flavours of a Japanese takeaway and let Deliveroo deliver one.

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