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From beef donburi to karaage chicken, Belfast's Japanese food offerings will not disappoint. Try the classic favourites such as chicken katsu and yakisoba noodles and don't hold back on the sides of edamame and prawn tempura – the choice is yours! We deliver food from Belfast's top Japanese restaurants direct to you.

Best-rated Japanese restaurants in Belfast

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Bia Rebel Ramen


A bit salty vegan ramen wise but delicious and good amount of tofu, the edamame beans that were freeee were the most amazing thing ever tasted in my whole entire life. Haven’t tried vegan potato salad yet but sure it will be great apart from the fact it wasn’t freeee 😥


Lovely! Not a fan of the way the tofu is done though.


Celtic ramen was very filling and well seasoned and so was the chicken bone broth, tea eggs full of flavour, will definitely order again.

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