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We deliver the UK's top Halal food

There are plenty of quality restaurants that prepare and cook halal meals – and all kinds of cuisines. From hot and tasty kebabs and shawarmas to fragrant tagines all using halal meat, you can choose from a wide range of delicious dishes from the UK's favourite restaurants. Halal Chinese food, pizza and halal chicken are all on the menu too. We deliver from your favourite establishments to your door, so enjoy restaurant-quality halal at home.

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Best-rated Halal restaurants in the United Kingdom

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Brothf - De Montfort University

 4.7 Excellent (50+)

massive portion, super well priced. very impressed. it was super tasty too. i was missing an item but tbh it didn't matter because the salad was huge so i didn't need anything else. will order again.


SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! ordering again today!

InaZal - Editions - SAL

 4.8 Excellent (50+)

Excellent chicken as usual and thank you for the complimentary edamame!!


Chicken and rice was amazing as usual! Very happy to receive extra chicken and rice today! Also, thank you very much for the complimentary edamame, I added some salt on top and it was great with the food!


amazing flavour! best chicken ive had in years

PINZA! - Editions - CLA

 4.8 Excellent (50+)

So tasty ... great quality pizza in a box .


nice pizza, great taste and smell and lovely packaging


Sooooo good. amazing crispy base and lovely topping combinations. Best pizza in Battersea


 4.5 Excellent (50+)

The burger was juicy and delicious - I don't know how the bun was so soft and not squashed!


Super fast delivery and delicious food!


Alaways amazing food and delivers on time!

Conscience Kitchen - Edenham Way

 4.8 Excellent (50+)

Deliveroo food shouldn't be this good! Best I've had. Clean, healthy and tastes delicious ... first order of many


Everything was just absolute superb. The produce quality, the way the beautiful tastes all complimented each other, the way the meat was cooked. Massive compliments to the chef!!


The chicken was absolutely incredible, moist and flavorful. The side dish was delicious as well with a tahini like sauce and quinoa and roasted broccolini. Truly the best meal I've ordered on deliveroo!


 4.7 Excellent (50+)

Great portion sizes and nicely cooked/seasoned


Really good food, just maybe overdressed the salad a little


Best place in Brighton for healthy and quick food


 4.3 Very good (35)

My son loves the pizzas from here, extremely polite, courteous staff and speedy delivery.

Frites 33 - Upper Parliament street

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

Left a lovely note on the food, felt very personal and friendly! Food was also amazing 😍

Chikini - Korean Fried Chicken

 4.6 Excellent (50+)

Very tasty crunchy fried chicken. The spicy sauce in particular was delicious. Also excellent seasoning on the fries.


Chicken was amazing, crust was perfectly crispy and flavour was on point.


Loved the sauce on the chicken, top notch

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