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Japanese culture is truly ancient and their culinary arts extend back just as far. Meals are surrounded by various traditions. For example, it is traditional to say ""itadakimasu"" before every meal which translates directly to ""I humbly receive"" but can be thought of as the equivalent to ""let's eat"" or ""bon appétit"". The food is just as diverse and rich as the culture that created it. Sushi is one of the most famous but many people are unaware of the traditions surrounding it. Traditionally, each type of fish is eaten in a specific order and the pickled ginger is used to cleanse the palate in between each type. This is only the tip of the culinary iceberg but those that are willing to take the time and effort will find themselves richly rewarded. Norwich's Japanese takeaways offer much more than sushi. Bento boxes, rice balls, noodle and tofu dishes, and much more are available in the city's selection of Japanese takeaways. For those that love to experience food from other countries and cultures and have yet to experience this particular type of Eastern Asian cuisine, Norwich offers the chance to experience a new world of food delivered wherever you need it.

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Looking for some dining deals when it comes to ordering Japanese takeaway? Order great quality food without blowing the budget from one of these restaurants in Norwich.

Frequently Asked Questions

For healthy Japanese takeaway, look no further than Shiki Japanese and PONO Superfood Bar for some feel good food.

If you’re looking for vegan Japanese food, then give some flavoursome meat free food from PONO Superfood Bar and Wagamama - Norwich a go.

Want some Japanese food but need to make sure there’s not a trace of wheat in sight, choose from a variety of gluten-free dishes from PONO Superfood Bar.

We deliver great Japanese food between the hours of 9am and 9pm.

The average Japanese meal in Norwich costs £25.

The most ordered Japanese dishes includes Katsu Curry (Chicken), Chilli Squid and Fried Duck Gyoza.

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