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There's nothing like the sea-fresh tang of delicious sushi with seaweed, wasabi, soy and ginger. Whether you're a fan of nigiri, maki, temaki, uramaki or tiger rolls, there's a huge selection of sushi out there just waiting for you to try. Get the taste of Japan direct to your table – we deliver from the UK's best sushi restaurants.

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Best-rated Sushi restaurants in the United Kingdom

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Sushi Garden

 4.7 Excellent (50+)

Amazing sushi, loved the Brighton roll. Highly recommend it!


The freshest, tastiest and neatest sushi I've had


Came really quick. Miso soup and sushi was great!

YO! Sushi - Princes Street

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

My order arrived very quickly - less than 15 mins which was great, but it would have good to have wasabi and soy sauce with my sushi, which wasn't provided in my order


Ty team yo I usually dine in but it's awesome to know your takeaway team and delivery driver are awesome as well the only bad thing is that I can't use student discount


The food was excellent, but I was given a regular coke instead of the Diet Coke that I ordered


 4.4 Very good (50+)

Absolute legends, delicious scram. Thank you


Wonderful sushi but no chop sticks included !


Loved the sushi, noodles were ok, more flavour would have been lovely

Chisou Knightsbridge

 4.8 Excellent (50+)

Very delicious but a little bit on the small side. Didn't realise the sushi didn't come with ginger, soy or wasabi but was still very yummy!


The best sushi on deliveroo! The quality pays itself

Sara Unzila

Superb today rice perfectly cooked and nice to be able to see the pieces of salmon in the roll rather than sometimes not distinguishable as a 'spicy mixture' with the mayo. Thanks

Oke Poke

 4.7 Excellent (50+)

The quality of the fish is amazing! Delicious.


Absolutely delicious! Tasty and fresh ! Will definitely order again!


amazing high protein healthy alternative and sooooooo tasty.

Zumu - Editions - SAL

 4.7 Excellent (50+)

Sushi was flavourful, as well as beautifully packaged!


Fantastic sushi!! Always really fresh. Love it 🙌🙌


Finally best food, nice people, and good quality. Sushi is great, oh the teriyaki, thank you for feeding me after a long day at work :)

Sticks'n'Sushi - Victoria

 4.8 Excellent (50+)

Amazing sushi, mini maki maki is the best

Michiko Sushino - Queen's Park

 4.8 Excellent (50+)

The best sushi place in London - so delicious. Amazing lunch, brown rice and sashimi


Delicious sushi but not enough soy sauce - they have us 2 small bottles and 4 would have been perfect! Also no chop sticks.


Really excellent fish and beautifully seasoned rice.

Yakinori - Bristol Central

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

Fresh and tasty as always, my favourite sushi place 😊


too much wasabi on the tuna sushi roll, other than that, the salmon maki and edamame were good


Didn't have high hopes for ordering takeaway sushi but was actually very good quality. About to order for second night in a row!

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