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Chopsticks (or knife and fork) at the ready! Whether you want dim sum, a chicken hot pot or even a whole crispy duck there's a Chinese ready to deliver. Enter your address below to find Chinese delivery options nearby. You can also use the quick-select Chinese food tile in the Deliveroo app.

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We've got all our favourites, and what about trying out somewhere new? We've got you.

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Customer reviews

Royal China - London

Yummy yummy crispy duck!

★4.7 Very good (500+)

Fortune Cat - Newcastle

Great food delivered on time

★5.0 Excellent (500+)

Mutashi - Brighton

Fresh ingredients, large portions for the price, and nice secure packaging

★4.7 Very Good (500+)

Frequently asked questions

How to make a fool-proof egg-fried rice

Sometimes leftovers can be the best part of a takeaway, and no one likes food waste. Why not try this easy egg-fried rice recipe?

You can add other leftovers at the end, to truly make the most of your takeaway.

Note: the best chinese chefs often use chopsticks to stir, rather than a spatula, which might ‘smoosh’ (technical term) your egg fried rice.

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