Italian takeaway? It's more than that

When you think of quality Italian food what comes to mind? Delicious dairy, virgin olive oil, homemade pasta, fresh olives and antipasti for sure. Meats like cured beef bresaola, chorizo piccante and scrumptious Italian tapas all belong at the table too. How about the cheese? The beautifully soft blue-veined gorgonzola from Lombardy is a little taste of heaven. Buffalo mozzarella is another quality food to complement your next wholesome spread. The only downside to a great Italian meal is when there's nothing left on the table—the inevitable outcome.

The British palate is more discerning now than ever. Today we demand quality pasta dishes and authentic pizzas made in pizzerias over the regular takeaways. Those who don't want to eat out can eat in. With Deliveroo's local delivery service you can enjoy the same restaurant-quality food from the comfort of your home or workplace.

The UK: Italian restaurant food brought to your door

The UK has a variety of impressive international restaurants to match any major European country. This includes a number of fine Italian eateries. Alas, the love for Italian fare means that the best eating places often have waiting lists longer than your arm — something that can take the shine off dining in town. This is why eating-in is the new eating-out, thanks to Deliveroo, your online restaurant delivery service.

We work with the best Italian restaurants in the country to bring you restaurant fresh, quality takeaway, right to your door. Relax in your own place, order online today and set the table. Treat yourself to scrumptious velvet crab spaghetti; go on, you know you deserve it. Get into the mood, order some green pitted olives mixed with sweet semi-dried cherry tomatoes. Choose pasta from traditional shapes like orecchiette and trofie — food made with only the best flour.

In Britain, spaghetti bolognese is a favourite Italian family meal. The succulent veggie or meat lasagne is another; so yummy you want it to last forever. If you're feeding the kids, you can't go wrong with macaroni cheese. Whatever you order today, we'll drop your delivery off, right at your door.