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Italian cuisine from the top restaurants in Northampton – delivered

Italian takeaway is one of the most popular choices of cuisine in Northampton. From pasta classics like rich and filling spaghetti bolognese and creamy carbonara with nuggets of pancetta to a hearty lasagna, we've got your back. Or go for a silky wine-infused risotto or a delicious gnocchi dish. Indulge in some starters – choose fresh and crunchy tomato bruschetta or some arancini with a gorgeous gooey mozzarella centre. Whatever hits the spot, we deliver fantastic Italian cuisine from Northampton's top restaurants.

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Best-rated Italian restaurants in Northampton

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ASK Italian- Northampton

 4.3 Very good (50+)

The prawns are delicious, garlic bread with cheese is fine and the antipasto for one not nice at all


Food was great AND packaged in a way that made me think I wasn't eating a takeaway but in a restaurant!


Tiny bit soggy and not piping hot like I'd prefer, but understandable as it had to be delivered. Other than that, it was real good.

Mac Shack - Northampton

 4.2 Very good (49)

Just spot on max n cheese and fries were nice and crispy

Bella Italia - Northampton

 4.1 Good (50+)

My Parma ham was missing from the Parma Dolcelette, but the pasta was still tasty and I liked the use of cardboard bowls instead of plastic.


Food was really cold, but it tasted really nice

MooCau Burgers & Pizza Pies

 4.3 Very good (42)

The meal was exceptional! Everything tasted sooooo good and it's very filling. It's definitely one of the best takeaways I've ever had!

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