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Fancy a pizza? Perhaps some cannelloni – either savoury or sweet? Are you having one of those days when only Italian food will do, in conjunction with a reluctance to spend hours cooking from scratch to get the exact authentic Italian tastes that work so well in your favourite dishes? Why not send out for an Italian takeaway and have it delivered to your door, so you can enjoy the tangy tomatoes, earthy mushrooms and piquant herbs that go into authentic Italian cooking right in your quintessentially English Hereford home? After all, just outside of Hereford was an ancient Roman settlement, so you could claim to be getting into history by getting a delivery of tasty Italian food right to your door. Whichever dishes you opt for - a light and crispy pizza, some hearty and warming pasta or a rich and meaty osso buco - you are sure to be glad that you opted for eating Italian today. Why not follow up your meal with a light and delicious sorbet, or double down and treat yourself to genuine Italian gelato, made according to recipes perfected over time and handed down within families – you haven't had ice cream until you have had gelato!

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Top Italian restaurants in Hereford

Looking for some top notch Italian takeaway in Hereford but not sure where to start? You can start by choosing one of these highest rated Italian restaurants as rated by you.

Vegan Italian restaurants in Hereford

Whether you have a plant based diet or are trying to find something dairy-free, the Italian restaurants of Hereford are on hand to help with all your vegan takeaway needs.

Gluten free Italian restaurants in Hereford

Whether you fancy something new or an old favourite, these restaurants in Hereford will get some gluten-free Italian to you in no time.

New Italian restaurants in Hereford

If you have an appetite for adventure and want to try out some new Italian takeaway in Hereford, then consider ordering from one of our newest Italian additions.

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