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Italy’s cultural cachet is crammed full of passion, so it’s unsurprising that every dish has heart. That’s why the nation has produced some of the most popular dishes in the world. Can anyone say “pizza”? The Focaccia-based dish has been embraced all over the world, with every nation having its own approach to toppings. The average Italian eats 51 pounds of pasta every year. Italians take it so seriously they’ve developed over 600 different pasta shapes. Each one is crafted to hold its sauce gorgeously. That’s why you enjoy alfredo with fettuccine and meat-based sauce with spaghetti. Of course, everyone’s favourite part is the sauce, and Italian food is as delicious as it is thanks to its herbs. That characteristic taste comes from basil, garlic, and oregano. Don’t forget the onions! This cuisine began its journey to the present day after the fall of the Roman Empire. Cooking techniques were developed for banquets, which is why Italian dishes are so luxuriously rich! When you order Italian takeaway in Hull, you become part of a rich gastronomic heritage spanning the centuries. Mediterranean diets are more than just delicious, though - they’re also among healthiest in the world. Buon appetito!

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If you’re looking for vegan Italian food, then give some flavoursome meat free food from ASK Italian - Hull, Zizzi - Hull and Hull - PizzaExpress a go.

Want some Italian food but need to make sure there’s not a trace of wheat in sight, choose from a variety of gluten-free dishes from ASK Italian - Hull, Zizzi - Hull and Hull - PizzaExpress.

We deliver great Italian food between the hours of 10am and 12am.

The average Italian meal in Hull costs £25.

The most ordered Italian dishes includes Margherita Pizza, Garlic Bread with Mozzarella and Halloumi Bites.

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