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Tom Brown's schooldays wouldn't have been so grim if he'd had an Italian takeaway to look forward to. He'd have loved a delicious stuffed crust pizza with a few anchovies or slices of pepperoni in melted mozzarella cheese. There are lots of pizzas you can choose from including the cheese and tomato Margherita or the Hawaiian with ham and pineapple. And after you've had a hectic day, there's nothing more soothing than relaxing with a selection of tasty finger food such as bruschetta. It consists of lightly toasted rounds of crusty bread adorned with a delicious assortment of toppings such as tomatoes, Parma ham, goat's cheese, garlic and basil. There's a great selection of pasta dishes to be found such as the pancetta and mushroom carbonara with its cheesy cream sauce or spaghetti bolognese for a tasty tomato and beef flavour. Both are ideal served with a chunk of herb-flavoured focaccia bread. There is nothing more cheery than the chocolate and coffee layers of a delicious tiramisu for dessert. Wherever you are, Deliveroo will deliver your Italian takeaway in no time.

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