American takeaway? It's more than that

Anyone with an appetite knows there's nothing quite like American food to satisfy a hungry tummy. There are tasty homemade chips, succulent ribs, and finger-licking wings. A lot of people associate American food with fast takeaway meals, but there's so much more to it than the classic burger.

The UK has an impressive range of American restaurants. They serve up dishes like fresh Cobb salads, juicy pot roasts and chicken fried steaks to name just a few. The only problem with a good American restaurant is that they can be too popular. Getting glammed up for the restaurant is the last thing a hungry diner wants or needs. Now that Deliveroo is in the UK this problem no longer exists. Today you can place your order online from one of our select restaurant menus and leave the delivery to us. All you have to do is set the table.

The UK: Authentic American restaurant food to your door

The United Kingdom is approximately 95,000 square miles, give or take – plenty of room for amazing American restaurants. While you might feel a trip across the Atlantic to dive into great American food is necessary, Deliveroo is proud to announce this is no longer the case. With a variety of awesome restaurants from the U.S of A available to order from today, we’ve made eating delicious American delicacies simple.

Quality American food in the UK is everywhere you look, and that's great news for those who love a hearty meal. Philly cheesesteak is an iconic American sandwich when prepared by chefs who know their craft. It provides a quick, wholesome bite for anyone who wants a tasty no-fuss lunch. A scrumptious, soft, slow roast, pulled pork slider is another sure-fire winner when dressed in an appetising barbecue sauce.

If you're looking for a more substantial spread, it's time for a wholesome pot roast or spice-rubbed T-bone. Sink your teeth into that American-style juicy steak and enter into food heaven. Whatever your desire, let Deliveroo bring a real American spread to your UK table. We’ve got nearly every American dish going!