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When you have just settled to watch your favourite state-side rom-com, share in the fun by adding one of our American takeaways. We have traditional beef burgers topped with salad, pickles and ketchup. For a vegetarian feast, there are burgers of meat-free soya beans with tomatoes and onions. Bite-sized chicken portions coated in a Southern-style batter and deep-fried for that unmistakable flavour are perfect for sharing. Or how about some pulled pork with a serving of crispy fries and coleslaw, or some cheesy Chicago deep-pan pizza? Discover a new favourite with the Philadelphia cheesesteak. It's a romantic pairing of meat and cheese in a hoagie roll enriched with egg. Capture the romance of the Deep South with a serving of jambalaya. It's a hearty mix of clams or chicken, seasoned vegetables and spices. You'll love the choice of American desserts too. Try a slice of rich chocolate flan or a delicate cheesecake. Ice cold sundaes are guaranteed to melt the hardest heart, with delicious flavours from vanilla to chocolate topped with fruity sauces and nuts. Our Deliveroo riders will deliver the American takeaway of your dreams in Salisbury.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver great American food between the hours of 8am and 12am.

The average American meal in Salisbury costs £20.

The most ordered American dishes includes Bacon Double Cheese XL Meal, Chicken Royale Meal and Chicken Butterfly.

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