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American food from the top restaurants in Windsor – delivered

American food is one of the most popular cuisines across the UK, and it's one of the top delivery choices in Windsor. Having friends round? Why not get a selection of sliders, ideal finger food when you're watching a film. Or imagine biting into a succulent burger, or a box of fried chicken – dig in! Maybe you're after a spicy kick with a chili dog, or a fancy a traditional hot dog with the toppings of your choice ranging from pickles to jalapenos. We deliver from Windsor's top American restaurants to your table.

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Best-rated American restaurants in Windsor

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Mac Shack - Windsor Royal Station

 4.4 Very good (50+)

Tasty and delivered quickly.. a bit mean with the chips but would order again


Everything was great... lose the paper though as Mac sticks to it and it slides around if you eat out the box!


 4.7 Excellent (50+)

Amazing burger. You guys need to do chips though!

Flaming Cow - Eton

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

Tasty burgers and everything tasted fresh


Honestly beautiful, had the chicken grilled club burger and it was the best chicken burger I've had. Cajun spiced sweet potato fries were the BOMB!!


The chicken wings were amazing!! Really enjoyed - sauce with the onion rings would be nice too though.

6361 Burger King - Slough

 4.2 Very good (50+)

Burger was delicious & the fries are also cooked perfectly


Very good. Onion rings were better than if i came into the store!


chicken royales with cheese were amazing. snack box with nuggets and onion rings werent fresh. chili cheese nuggets were doable but nuggets hard.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) - Windsor

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

Food was delicious and everything came very quickly


Both our burgers were amazing. The whole order was great and boiling hot.


Always amazing. Burger is always exceptional and never a soggy bun. Presentation is always spot on. Ordered from here at least 10 times

Gourmet Grill Windsor

 4.4 Very good (50+)

Don't understand halumi in a wrap but chicken was really good and good value for money


The chicken from here is ALWAYS spot on. Really tasty and grilled so it's comfort food without the millions of calories. Would highly recommend. Always quick delivery too!


Great food! Needed more peri salt on chips though.

09409 - KFC Windsor

 4.2 Very good (50+)

Great food, speedy delivery, very friendly driver :)


The chicken was great as well as fast and friendly service from driver


I really enjoyed it; it was fresh, hot and had quick

Bluegrass BBQ - Windsor

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Great Americana Cuisine, Absolutely Pukka


Mac and Cheese was amazing- very filling !!!


Wow the most amazing burgers!! Will be reordering again for sure!


 3.9 Good (50+)

Really nice onion rings! Great Habernero sauce too


Food was amazing!! And they threw in a yummy extra. Would recommend


Fantastic fried chicken... the sides are delicious and the dips are brilliant... and it always feels nice to have a hand written note with your order!!!! Super stuff keep it up! 👍

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