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Delicious American food in Harrogate – delivered

American food is one of the most popular cuisines for delivery in Harrogate. What's your favourite type of food from across the pond? Maybe you're a devotee of succulent burgers piled with delicious toppings like cheese and bacon? Or what about crispy fried chicken and waffles covered in syrup or spicy jambalaya? What about a classic chilli dog topped with chilli con carne and cheese? We deliver Harrogate's top American food to your door.

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Best-rated American restaurants in Harrogate

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Burgers & More

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Best burger & chips I've had for ages, right nice!


The signature burger was literally the best burger I've ever had in my life. I've since had cravings for it constantly!


Lovely food but didn't realise the burgers came with chips so we ended up with a lot!

Five Guys - Harrogate

 4.6 Excellent (50+)

Great burgers and good portion of fries


Yummy food. LOVE Five Guys. You can never go wrong.


Chips are best ever! Not greasy! Very fast delivery! Gorgeous burger - tasty! Will be back

Spielburger- Harrogate

 4.6 Excellent (50+)

Guacamole was very spicy. Burger was amazing


The burger was amazing! And the milkshake and fries,

Banyan - Harrogate

 4.3 Very good (50+)

The food was delicious and would've been good value however we ordered 3 portions of chips and only received 1.

Ribz 2 U

 4.0 Good (50+)

Everything was amazing!!! Chicken was so succulent and the ribs tender to the touch! Mmmmm!!!!!


Never in my life have I had better ribs. And you could tell the sauce was Home made. Amazing!

The Pit - Harrogate

 4.1 Good (50+)

excellent food, great service, really cured my munchies, loved the smiley face on the packaging. definitely ordering again!

Underground Burger Co.

 4.0 Good (50+)

Great staff who were really helpful and let us get creative with our order (it was amazing by the way!). Enjoyed every bite, thanks Underground Burger co.


Burgers were really good, not a huge fan of the coleslaw but great other than that!


Great! Thanks for having a vegan option!

Cattlemen's Association

 4.4 Very good (50+)

Thumbs up from me! Food was great and all the containers were recyclable and no plastic in site 👏🏻


Unbelievable burger and proper home made style fries.


wonderful cooked burger, came piping hot.

8605 - KFC - Harrogate High St

 4.0 Good (50+)

Great food, great service, great delivery driver :)


Speedy delivery, chicken was great- chips weren't.


I had forgotten how amazing kfc tastes. Wonderful.

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