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American food from Canterbury's top restaurants – delivered

American food is one of the most popular takeaways in the UK, and Canterbury is no exception. Whether you fancy chowing down on a juicy burger, or feasting on fried buffalo wings, we can make that happen. How about American barbecue food with sides like cornbread or macaroni cheese? Or maybe you fancy hot dogs and fries or a spicy jambalaya. Whatever you pick, we deliver delicious American food to your table direct from Canterbury's top restaurants.

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Best-rated American restaurants in Canterbury

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12120 - KFC - Canterbury Maybrook Retail Park

 4.3 Very good (50+)

I love the new chips. Super fast delivery and still hot. Thanks for the service.


The delivery time was really fast, the driver was very friendly and the food was still very hot and fresh. The only thing that was missing was the sauces for the dipping boneless feast, but apart from that everything was amazing. Thank you! :)


Chicken was really crispy and nice, shame I paid for a Pepsi and received a bottle of water instead

Kaspa's - Canterbury

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Waffle was so yummy and milkshake was amazing !!!!!!!


Waffles we're amazing! Brilliant ice cream too


such amazing gelato and always great service and delivered early

Big Boys Fine Burger Co.

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Burger was delicious but the chips were kinda cold


Came super hot, chips were really good very filling and worth the price

Subway (Canterbury)

 4.3 Very good (50+)

The veggie delight is really good. The veggie patty is amazing.


The driver/rider was fast, very polite and the food was warm still, overall I give 100% positive feedback


delicious, very well made, exactly what I asked for.

Byron - Canterbury

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Excellent thank you, brilliant rider got it here nice and hot


Amazing xx would have liked the beef to be alittle more pink


Mac & Cheese was delicious, burgers were lovely. loved it.

Five Guys - Canterbury

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

Rapid delivery from driver. Food was hot and tasty! Extremely happy


The burger was cooked amazingly. The burger had so much filling, not stingy with their food at all. Great quality and lovely tasting burger.


had an extra burger by mistake and extra fries which is always nice but gorgeous food

8046 Burger King - Canterbury

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Lovely food, good service! Rider very polite


Really great! Good quality chicken, arrived early!


Nice portion, chips were nicely salted and the burger was really yummy!

Creams - Canterbury

 4.3 Very good (50+)

botn Sundea and shake were brilliant, full of flavour


More Nutella than my last order which was wonderful. Pls drown it in Nutella x (maybe put the strawberries on top rather than in the pancake that'd make it 11/10)


So good, warm, fresh, gooey, ice cream was still in tact! Very nice dessert

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) - Canterbury

 4.4 Very good (50+)

The sauces in the burgers are incredible


Absolutely lovely, everything was hot, the milkshake was insane! Best burger I've had in a while.


The milkshake and bacconaise was really good!

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