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The city of Chester with its ancient walls and Mediaeval buildings probably conveys a typical image of old England but it has some great contemporary food options, including American takeaways. One of the most popular dishes is deep-fried chicken portions that are usually in a breadcrumb batter that's alive with tasty spices. Another you can easily find is the classic burger, a patty of beef in a sesame seed bun that can be served with fried onions, tomatoes and a slice of melted cheese. Many takeaways feature the hot dog which usually consists of a boiled frankfurter sausage made from pork, although it can also be made from beef or a mixture of the two. It's normally served with onions and a choice of ketchup or mustard. Perhaps you are craving a Chicago deep-pan pepperoni pizza.A typical American dessert to finish your meal off with is a hot apple pie which usually has a sweet pastry crust. An alternative could be ice creams such as mint, butterscotch and cookie dough. Or perhaps try an ice cream sundae with its elaborate toppings of sticky syrup, chocolate sauce and pistachio nuts. When it has to be an American takeaway, Deliveroo can deliver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For healthy American takeaway, look no further than Cheshire Sandwich Company and The Alchemist - Chester for some feel good food.

If you’re looking for vegan American food, then give some flavoursome meat free food from Cheshire Sandwich Company, BirdBox - Chester and STACKS - Chester a go.

Want some American food but need to make sure there’s not a trace of wheat in sight, choose from a variety of gluten-free dishes from Pizza Hut Delivery - Chester, Cheshire Sandwich Company and PHR - Chester 2.

We deliver great American food between the hours of 6am and 10pm.

The average American meal in Chester costs £20.

The most ordered American dishes includes Bacon Cheeseburger, Grilled Chicken Wrap and Cheeseburger.

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