Sushi delivery

With sushi, nothing comes close to the real thing, which has to be prepared by an experienced chef. The good news is that the genuine thing is here in the UK with quality bites to satisfy even the most discerning palates. The Japanese pride themselves on quality food that's as fresh as fresh can be and at Deliveroo we pride ourselves in delivering it to your home.

You can order a sushi spread as a standalone meal or as a few bites between courses. Either way, order with us, and you’ll have only the best restaurant quality sushi to enjoy at home. We have menu listings from our restaurant partners in loads of cities across the UK. Just have a look through and decide what you want. Then, order online quickly and simply, and before you know it, we’ll be bringing your top notch takeaway delivery right to you.

The UK: Fresh Japanese sushi to your door

At some point the British became more adventurous with food and began to explore outside national dishes. It took a while, but now restaurant-quality sushi is a favourite dish. It is something you can see in the continuous rise of Japanese eating places and real sushi bars. This is one of those foods that folks prefer to eat in rather than out, and we provide that option.

If you don't fancy the conveyor belt experience you don't have to. Nor do you have to worry about Japanese etiquette rules thanks to our sushi delivery. Relax in your own space and relish those thin slices of fresh fish, shellfish, egg or vegetarian toppings. Bite into these wonderful food combinations, rested to perfection on moreish beds of sushi meshi (rice flavoured with a Japanese vinegar called mirin).

Bring variety to the meal table and add sushi don to your order — a bowl of sushi rice topped with fresh raw fish. Don't forget the hand-rolled sushi offerings either. Choose your menu, select your food, and we'll get our delivery wheels into motion right away. Whether you’re feeding a group of people, or you’re looking to dine in for two, we can help.