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Whenever you might like to treat yourself to a sushi takeaway, there should be a large range of dishes available for you to try. Sushi will usually consist of small heaps of soft vinegared rice that serve as the base for a wide range of toppings. You might be able to find a variety of seafood such as slices of salmon or pieces of tuna. A popular choice is often prawns or crab meat. If you would prefer vegetarian-style sushi, you should be able to find plenty of choices such as tofu, a type of bean curd which can be fried. There should usually be a selection of fresh, crisp vegetables such as celery, carrot or cucumber. There are frequently many types of accompaniments available such as soy, fish or vinegar-based sauces and dips that can add extra flavour. Sushi is often presented in many styles resembling hors d'oeuvres which can make a colourful display if you are thinking of party food. Special dishes can sometimes be arranged in the shape of animals or birds. Whenever you would like a Sushi takeaway, Deliveroo can deliver it directly to your door.

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