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Southend-on-Sea has a fine tradition of serving locally caught seafood that's at its peak of freshness and you can expect the same high standard with every sushi takeaway we deliver. Sushi relies on its ingredients being crisp and bursting with energy. Delicate slices of raw tuna, salmon and eel are full of moisture and flavour. Thin sticks of celery, spring onions, avocado, mango, lettuce and cucumber are at their appetising best. Colours are vibrant and artistically presented in imaginative arrangements such as the show-stopping tiger roll. Maki-sushi is portions of rice served in an outer cover of nori seaweed. Uramaki means inside out and has the seaweed in a casing of rice. The sushi version of a sandwich wrap is the temaki. It's a sheet of pressed seaweed shaped like a cone that is waiting for a filling of your choice. There is a fabulous array of ingredients such as egg, cream cheese, prawns, and soft shell crab meat. Exciting seasonings include the fiery Japanese horseradish or wasabi, soy sauce, garlic and mayonnaise. Discover the fascinating flavours of our fresh sushi takeaway selection that's delivered to your door by our riders at Deliveroo.

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We can deliver great sushi between the hours of 10am and 7pm.

We can deliver mouth-watering sushi in Southend-On-Sea for on average £30

The most ordered sushi dishes includes Spicy Tuna, Salmon Avocado and Dragon Roll.

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