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The Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate is steeped in genteel traditions but the benefits of modern sushi takeaways is not missing. There is a mistaken belief that Japanese sushi is just raw fish but it's actually rice that's been seasoned with salt, pepper and vinegar. It forms the base for a host of vegetables, fruit, pickles and raw fish. Sushi includes intricate, bite-sized portions of rice and pieces of vegetables or fish in a myriad of bold colours set out in a decorative style. Nigiri-sushi is mounds of rice that have been shaped by hand. Maki-sushi consists of cucumber, tuna and rice bound together in seaweed. There is vegetarian sushi where the rice is accompanied by colourful selections of raw vegetables. Tuna, eel and squid feature in seafood sushi. Both are served with garnishes of pickled ginger and daikon radish. Soy sauce is provided as a dip. To give your party an exciting start, treat your guests to sushi which is best served as fresh as possible. When you want to enjoy a meal in the comfort of your own home without having to prepare it yourself, let Deliveroo do the work for you.

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We can deliver great sushi between the hours of 11am and 8pm.

We can deliver mouth-watering sushi in Harrogate for on average £20

The most ordered sushi dishes includes Beef Teriyaki and the Futari Platter.

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