Vegetarian takeaway? It's more than that

Vegetarians may not eat meat, but there are plenty of meat eaters in the UK who love to sink their teeth into a tasty vegetarian dish. Gone are the days when the UK's veggie spreads were those lifeless tofu salads and tasteless chickpea curries. Today's veggie plates are alive, exciting and really colourful. They're so appetising you don't notice the absence of meat. Indulge in a scrummy black bean burger and you won't even miss the classic beef in a bun. Savour the tastes of the delicious spring onion tart too.

If you've never tried savoury pancakes with paneer and spinach filling, prepare for a treat. Enjoy a nice veggie stir-fry to accompany a yummy mushroom curry. Browse through the Deliveroo online vegetarian menus and order from one of our partner restaurants. As soon as we get your order, we’ll make sure your delivery reaches you as soon as possible.

The UK: Exciting restaurant vegetarian food to your door

Vegetarianism is on the rise in the UK with meals that attract the attention of regular meat eaters too. No longer is the veggie plate just a typical vegetable lasagne or a boring bowl of watery tofu soup. The exciting rise in creativity, tastes, textures and presentation in the country's natural fare is getting everyone juiced up. Fine restaurant vegetarian choices are now available for local delivery with us.

A simple roasted root vegetable squash stew with a little seasoned couscous is sure to please any palate. You won't find food like this in a supermarket takeaway. Want a little sweetness at the table? Asian-style watermelon salad won't let you down. If you like it more savoury, look to the mouth-watering faro salad with asparagus and fresh cauliflower.

The classics are still with us as well - only better! A well-seasoned spinach lasagne will have you coming back for seconds. Both kids and adults relish the textures and flavours of garlic mushroom burgers in a bun. For delicious soups, cauliflower dhal and watercress will go down a treat. Order your next vegetarian meal with Deliveroo—you'll be glad you did! All you have to do is choose what you want!