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There are plenty of vegetarian food options in Ipswich to let you try something new each time you order. While some comfort foods has only ever been plant-based, over the years these dishes have become yummier thanks to chefs trying out new techniques and ingredients. Mushrooms are oh-so-contemporary, whether eaten in the form of the humble button, elegant oyster, or the more sophisticated shiitaki. Top it with a creamy plant-based sauce, and you’re in heaven. Cauliflower has become one of the hottest new veggie foods, so you might stumble on it when you order vegetarian takeaway in Ipswich. The cruciferous flower can transform into anything it likes, from smoothies to rice and even cauliflower steak. These days, you can even order a pizza with a cruciferous crust, and it tastes more delicious than you might think. Oat and pea milks are reinventing vegetarian menus, adding creaminess to everything from pastas to cappuccinos. They’re rich in nutrients, so if you need to ramp up your protein, do it in style. Sweet tooth? No problem. Bean-based ingredients and even avocados are changing the way vegetarians approach dessert. Deliveroo brings you the best takeouts in the veggie landscape, so browse our menu and have deliciousness delivered to your doorstep.

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