Sushi delivery in Northampton

Northampton knows sushi, as evidenced by the plethora of excellent Japanese sushi houses dotted across the town. You will stand for nothing less than killer California rolls, freshly fried shrimp tempura, and the finest sake. However, there’s nothing that will water down your teriyaki sauce quicker than having to endure the crowds at a busy sushi restaurant. You deserve better, and with top-quality takeaway delivery from Deliveroo, you’ll get it!

Deliveroo are all about getting the freshest sushi rolls in Northampton directly to your door. Harnessing the power of our online menu listings, you’ll be able to choose from the very best sushi in the area. Once you’ve chosen your favourites, place your order, put your feet up, and our delivery team will bring the magic of the rainbow roll directly to your doorstep! Northampton’s best sushi offerings will be on your kitchen table in no time.

Northampton: Somewhere, over the rainbow roll…

Sushi is the perfect embodiment of old and new. We’re talking of a dish comprised of rice, fish, seaweed, and soy sauce, that has been prepared in Japan for thousands of years. Yet its bite-sized pieces and explosive flavour make it extremely appealing to today’s diners – why not update the way you gain access to it? That’s what Deliveroo is: a modern-day update to the way sushi lovers get their fix.

Whether you prefer thinly-sliced sashimi (raw fish or meat), you’re in the nigiri camp (placed on a bed of rice), or you’re a fan of the more modern tempura styles, you’ll be able to find anything to suit your needs with Deliveroo. The beauty is, you simply can’t order too much, and trust us, we’ve tried!

You don’t need to go out to eat to get your night “rolling”. Stay in, kick your feet up, order your food with Deliveroo, and allow us to care of your takeaway delivery. In no time, we’ll arrive, toting all the flavours you desire – from the explosive dynamite roll, which might blow your notions of sushi sky-high, to an order of yellow-fin tuna nigiri that will leave a memorable taste.