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Get a slice of the good life with a piping hot pizza delivery. Pizza takeaway is one of the most popular choices of cuisine in Northampton. Whether you're a sucker for a traditional margarita, or love toppings like pepperoni, hawaiian, neopolitan or a vegan pizza or gluten-free pizza, it's on the menu. If you like your pizza stuffed-style, go for a mighty calzone or stromboli. Add some garlic bread to start and your meal's a winner. We deliver Northampton's top pizzas directly to you.

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Best-rated Pizza restaurants in Northampton

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Brooklyn Pizza Bar

 4.2 Very good (50+)

The Marmite pizza was great!! Could have smaller crusts tho


Tasty pizza, the balsamic vinegar needs a more even spread on the veggie smoked balsamic as it was in intense pockets rather than a hint over the whole


Pizza topping had mostly come off pizza and was laying in box, taste was good although a little to much tomato base

ASK Italian- Northampton

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Food was excellent. Packaging could've been better. It came in a box which was unusual.


Really nice. Pizza and zucchini chips were a bit soggy due to the heat in the box.


Nice pizza but would be even nicer if it arrived sliced!

2401 - Northampton - PizzaExpress

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Pizza was great but some ingredients moved during transport

MooCau Burgers & Pizza Pies

 4.3 Very good (42)

The pizza pies were absolutely amazing it had just the right dough and filling and the buffalo burger was the best thing I've ever tasted

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