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Chinese takeaway from Northampton's favourite restaurants – delivered

It's no coincidence that Chinese food is one of the most popular takeaways across the country – the flavours are unique and the variety is huge – Chinese food has it all. Do you choose favourites like sweet and sour chicken or crispy chilli beef? Time to decide! You can always embrace the kick of a Szechuan dish, full of garlic and chilli peppers, they pack a punch! Try Szechuan chicken or beef on a bed of piping hot rice. We deliver delectable cuisine from Northampton's favourite Chinese restaurants.

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Best-rated Chinese restaurants in Northampton

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Ping's Chinese

 4.0 Good (50+)

There were mushrooms in my chicken curry which I didn't ask for otherwise it was great and timing was under 15 minutes!


Great food but my Diet Coke didn't arrive

Golden Bowl

 3.7 Good (50+)

THE BEST CHINESE EVER ! If I could order this everyday I would.

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