Mexican takeaway? It's more than that

Mexican meals are becoming a regular staple in the British diet. Whether it's for brunch, lunch or dinner, there's always something appetising and pleasing on a quality Mexican menu. You can enjoy it hot, sweet, light, or mix and match all three — you're the boss. Few can say no to a dish of tasty spiced beans with fiery pork nachos and tacos. Be sure to include a generous serving of hot, melted cheese with this fabulous food. A Mexican poultry dish delivers mouth-watering chicken burritos with lots of guacamole and lashings of salsa.

If you're bored with quick takeaway meals then turn your back on them — you deserve more. Place your order online with Deliveroo and enjoy a quality Mexican spread at home or in the workplace. Local restaurant food delivery is our forte. With just a few clicks we'll answer your prayers for good food.

The UK: Why the UK wants more Mexican food

The people of the UK love both national and international food. Today, Mexican is right up there on the list of Britain’s favourite cuisines. However, the popularity of the best Mexican restaurants is not such a good thing. It can often mean that eating out is more of a hassle than a relaxing event. The solution to that little problem is to let Deliveroo bring Mexican restaurant meals to your door.

It's true, fresh Mexican fare is taking the UK by storm, giving us cheesy quesadillas, heavenly salsas, killer burritos and sombrero chili bean bombs. And no spread is complete without those appetising side dishes. Treat yourself to sweet potato fries or wedges. Enjoy tasty tortilla chips and finger-licking, deep fried chicken wings.

For that early morning meal consider moreish muffins, Mexican spiced hash brown and veggie quesadillas. Or maybe an irresistible Mexican waffle with eggs, cheese, chili and a little salsa on the side is more your thing. If it's Mexican and on the menu, we can get it to your door soon after you place your order with Deliveroo.