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Magnificent Mexican food delivered to you in Southampton

Bring the sunshine and excitement of Mexico to your table. Fancy a hearty chilli con carne? Or what about a burrito bursting with flavour or a crispy chimichanga. Chow down on a smoky chipotle dish, sizzling fajitas or baked enchiladas. How about tempting tacos with your favourite fillings – with some guacamole on the side. Take your pick from the feast of Mexican food on offer – we deliver from Southampton's finest Mexican restaurants direct to your door.

Best-rated Mexican restaurants in Southampton

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Tortilla - Southampton

4.4Very good(50+)

First Burrito I’d ever had, definitely a strong first step. The rice was cooked perfectly, and the meat was delicious.


Thank you so much for the food. Me and my almond were extremely content with the food and Julia’s service.

Mexigo - London Rd

4.4Very good(50+)

The chicken was astounding and we loved the way you seasoned everything!


The burritos were amazing’ it’s a shame they sent the wrong flavor ice cream :(


I love this food so fresh and tasty keep the good work up *****

Taco Bell - Southampton Hanover Buildings

4.3Very good(50+)

Absolutely went off. Crunchwrap supreme was the best thing I’ve ever had in my life


Food was still really hot and amazing as always!!

Anders Thorseth

The best takeaway food I’ve ever tried! Loved it

La Baronia


tortilla chips were not available on the menu which was a shame but otherwise great food as always.


Great food, not enough tortilla wraps though


La Baronia is amazingly consistent. Delicious, piping hot food that is perfect every time. Vegetarian options are really tasty as well. That is why we will keep coming back 😊

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