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Craving some Mexican zing? If you're in East Bournemouth or Poole, it's one of the favourite takeaway choices in those areas. So get things going with a portion of crunchy nachos topped with sour cream and salsa followed by one of the many Mexican mains including spicy chilli con carne, tacos and empanadas. Don't forget the creamy green goodness of guacamole on the side! Whatever you choose from the delicious dishes of Mexico, we deliver great cuisine from Bournemouth's top Mexican restaurants.

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Best-rated Mexican restaurants in Bournemouth

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2076 - Chiquito - Bournemouth

 4.2 Very good (50+)

Excellent food, we really enjoyed it. We will be ordering again very soon


Food was really hot and nachos were still crispy! Only criticism is that chicken in burrito was slightly too dry

Ojo Rojo - Bournemouth Town Centre

 4.2 Very good (50+)

Got the wrong drink but honestly everything was so tasty I didn't mind too much.

Taco Bell - Poole High Street

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Food was delish! And Martin the bike rider was fab!!


Crunchy tacos didn't make it in one piece however was great as usual.


It was my first time trying Taco Bell, I don't think I'll be able to stay away now!

2076 - Cornstar - Bournemouth

 4.0 Good (12)

fresh and tasty! loads of veggies and sauce pots

2076 - Kick Ass Burrito - Bournemouth

 4.2 Very good (50+)

Burrito was amazing but "loaded nachos" only had a few sprinkles of cheese and jalapeño. Kind of disappointed. But burrito compensated that. Hope to see truly loaded nachos one day :)


Absolutely amazing! Everything was fresh and delicious 😊

Taco Bell - Bournemouth

 4.2 Very good (50+)

Amazing!!! New favourite restaurant in Bournemouth


Top quality give my complements to the chief


The quesadillas were delicious and food delivered within 15 mins. Great service.

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