Greek takeaway? It's more than that

Greece and the Greek Islands have been a popular holiday destination for British people for eons. But hey, you don’t have to travel to South-Eastern Europe to enjoy the wonderful, flavoursome dishes made in beautiful Hellas. You don't even have to dine out in any of the cities' fine Greek restaurants. We're Deliveroo, your fast and friendly restaurant food delivery company. Don't settle for bland high-street takeaway dishes – not when you can order with us. Whatever's on the menu can turn up at your home, or your office, in a jiffy.

Looking for the real authentic tastes of ancient Greece? Then look no further than the traditional stuffed sausages, wonderful smoked meats and tasty cheeses. Start the next meal with yummy Greek or garlic pitta bread and a dish of delicious hummus to dip. Order a little olive pâté paste and some melitzanosalata to add variety at the table.

The UK: Great Greek restaurants without the hassle!

The UK capital has four World Heritage sites; these are the Palace of Westminster, Maritime Greenwich, the Tower of London and Kew Botanical Gardens. And while this represents the quintessentially British nature of our island, we must not forget the amazing range of established Greek restaurants – cooking up some of the most delicious Greek foods in the country.

What's for main, some moreish moussaka with its spiced meat inner and creamy béchamel topping perhaps? For soup lovers, the egg-lemon chicken soup, avgolemono, has to be on the order. It's hearty, full of flavour, and a staple in almost all Greek households for good reason. If chicken's not your thing, go for the flavoursome classic white bean soup, fasolada.

Spanakopita is Greek's answer to spinach pie and its mouthwatering beyond belief. For a hearty pot meal, it has to be the tasty beef stew with orzo called youvetsi. Relish its rich fragrant tomato sauce and kefalotyri cheese topping. If you want quality Greek food today you can have it. Look through our partner restaurant menus and place your next order with Deliveroo.