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The novelist Jane Austen was a frequent visitor to 19th-century Bath and might have easily fallen for the charms of a Greek takeaway if one had been around. Today, you can enjoy a variety of dishes from Greece. Kolokythokeftedes is a type of crispy dumpling which is usually filled with feta cheese and seasonal vegetables and is often served a starter. Another similar dish is tomaotokeftedes which is a pastry fritter containing onions, mint and tomatoes. Greek flatbread can be used to dip into various sauces such as yellow split pea puree which is often flavoured with onions and olive oil. One of the most popular of finger foods is dolmadakia which consists of meat such as beef or lamb that can be mixed with rice and mint and then served as a stuffing inside vine leaves. Greece is famous for its desserts. One of the most well-known is baklava which usually has layers of filo pastry and nuts and can be coated in a syrup sauce. Amygdalota, a selection of almond cookies, could be ideal for afternoon tea. Let the Deliveroo riders deliver your Greek takeaway.

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