Dessert delivery

Are you dying for a restaurant quality dessert but don’t have the time to venture out? Don't worry! We’re your number one dessert food delivery people in the UK. Forget the takeaway sweets. Spoil yourself today, and indulge in a heavenly treat for no other reason than you deserve it. Once you see the offerings on our dessert menus the only thing you’ll be thinking about is rich, luxurious chocolate cake.

Don’t hold back; go for whatever takes your fancy. A couple of generous scoops of Italian ice cream with small chocolate chips and raspberry coulis perhaps? Or maybe your taste buds long for some yummy chocolate mousse with fresh, sweet red strawberries. A delicious sticky toffee pudding is one of those foods that people will die for. If you want something hot and filling, think about a serious portion of bread and butter pudding served with hot thick custard.

The UK: Sensational dessert straight to your door

Although the whole of the UK speaks the English national language, the country does in fact have a few other official languages: one thing is for certain though, they all speak the importance of breakfast. Tastes vary across the country, with traditional cuisines from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland available. And as such, to appreciate the true quality of these dessert dishes, you need to order from the best establishments – restaurants.

Anyone with a sweet tooth has plenty of dessert choices in the UK. Aside from the mouth-watering cakes and luscious pastries, there are plenty of other options. The incredibly moreish sherry trifle and classic apple crumble with cream are two winners. For sponges, treacle sponge pudding, steamed chocolate sponge cake, and a slice of Battenberg will please every palate they touch.

Sweetened pastry filled with currants and seasoning gives us the scrumptious British Eccles cake. These are perfect accompaniments for a mid-morning coffee or afternoon tea break, so too is a slice of jam roly-poly pudding. The British desserts are as exciting and as varied as the nation. Whatever it is that takes your fancy today, Deliveroo delivers. Order away and eat dessert to your heart’s content.