Vegetarian food delivery in Aylesbury

Around one in eight people in the UK are vegetarian and the number’s on the rise. Happily for non-meat eaters and meat eaters who like a change, this means there is more fabulous vegetarian food available than ever, with many vegetarian restaurants offering high-calibre, varied dishes, and mainstream restaurants increasing their vegetarian offerings. And it’s no different in Aylesbury – there are plenty of vegetarian delights to choose from for home delivery by Deliveroo.

Whether you’re ordering food for your weekly takeaway for lots of vegetarians or a mix of veggies and meat-eaters, you’re bound to find the perfect combination. Gone are the days when vegetarians had little choice, as you’ll see from Deliveroo’s listings of the best vegetarian food in Aylesbury. So sit back, peruse our restaurants and menus, order your vegetarian choices online and then simply wait for your food to reach you.

Aylesbury: Plenty of Thai options available for hungry customers

These days vegetarians don’t have to rely on the odd stuffed pepper and too much cheese. Instead, they have the choice of sophisticated dishes that taste amazing – in fact, vegetarian food is so high quality that many meat-eaters don’t even notice the difference! Being able to order in good vegetarian food is really important, particularly if you are preparing for a dinner party or a large gathering.

Simple dishes like veggie chilli can liven up the taste buds and can be served alongside a meat version if not everyone is vegetarian. Or try a stuffed squash, packed with sunny ingredients like grains, chickpeas, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella. Cheese lovers are always in luck with veggie fare, with everything from halloumi to goat’s cheese in proliferation. Roasted cauliflower, crispy sweet potatoes, lots of chickpeas and lentils – simple, healthy and tasty.

Asian and Indian food also have lots of excellent naturally veggie options, as lots of regional cuisines historically use vegetables over anything else. Tofu, Quorn and vegetarian replacements are also used a lot to give substance and bulk to veggie options. Whichever kind of vegetarian food you’re looking for, you’ll find it in our listings – and it’ll keep everyone happy!