Sushi delivery in St Andrews

Being one of the most sophisticated and in demand foods, it’s no surprise that sushi has made it onto many a St Andrews restaurant menu recently. But accept no imitations! We at Deliveroo want to provide you with the very best sushi that our beautiful town has to offer. So we’ve teamed up with the best restaurants in the city to offer you a huge variety of takeaway dishes for delivery.

Eating at home is definitely the new improved eating out. So, what are you waiting for? Look through our extensive menus and sit back and wait for the joyous sound of our dedicated delivery guy ringing on your doorbell. As soon as we receive your online order, we’ll be on our way with your food delivery, and before you know it you’ll be tucking into something special. It really is that simple, although deciding what to order isn’t!

St Andrews: Your personal paradise for sushi

Sushi is the ultimate sharing food, with its small portions of hugely varied flavours. Traditionally centred around rice and vegetables, true sushi consists of rice flavoured with a Japanese white wine vinegar, wrapped around various fillings and coated in a sheet of nori (Japanese seaweed). Dive into delicious delights like a Tuniki roll, filled with the finest salmon and tuna. Or go for a simple maki roll, which boasts one, finely flavoured ingredient in the centre.

Sashimi refers to the raw fish that sushi is known for. Served without accompaniment, it’s the purest way to experience the cuisine. But if raw fish isn’t your catch of the day, then there is no need to worry as sushi can cater for all tastes.

How about treating yourself to a yummy California roll, containing (cooked) crab meat, cucumber and avocado? Or alternatively, sink your teeth into a delectable duck or chicken equivalent. Enjoy some crispy, spicy tempura vegetables or seafood, if you’re looking for something with a different texture. Sushi chefs are some of the finest in the world, with their unequivocal desire to provide the very best in precision and perfection. And all without even having to leave your house!