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Grab a slice of the good life with a St Andrews pizza delivery. Whether you're a devotee of the classic margarita, or love toppings like pepperoni, hawaiian or a vegan pizza or gluten-free pizza, we've got your back. It's one of the top cuisines ordered in St Andrews. If you like your pizza stuffed-style, pick a tasty calzone or stromboli. Add some garlic bread to start and you're good to go. We deliver the top pizzas in St Andrews directly to you.

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Best-rated Pizza restaurants in St Andrews

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Mozza - St Andrews

 4.6 Excellent (50+)

the base of the pizza was a bit burnt but after scraping some bits off it was delicious


Not enough cheese. There was only one bit in the very middle that had cheese. Delicious pizza but i had to spread the cheese around myself.


I love Mozza!! My pizza's dough was raw today though. First time it's happened, Mozza's usually a super safe choice

Zizzi - St Andrews

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

The pizza was amazing, however I don't think that getting 7 potato wedges is really worth the price paid for them. Other than that, everything was very tasty!


The calzone was probably the tastiest thing I've eaten in a long time

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