Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Northampton restaurants

The simple, fresh flavours of land, sea and spices to be found in Japanese food make it at a cuisine of deep complexity and approachable simplicity. Perhaps you crave the simple pleasure of yakitori, grilled chicken on skewers. Maybe you’re a ramen aficionado, pining for the rich flavours of thick broth with udon noodles, soft-boiled eggs and a combination of spices – a dish that redefines its name. Regardless, you won’t go far wrong with the great variety and taste of Japanese food!

Alas, despite the food’s ability to elevate you to astronomical levels of happiness, the Japanese restaurant experience may have the opposite effect. The secret’s out on Japanese cuisine in Northampton, and it’s home to many delicious Japanese spots. However, this comes with its own set of struggles, including difficulties snagging a reservation, or boisterous crowds that detract from you achieving Zen. Yet, Deliveroo believe you deserve better!

Northampton: Bypass the line for bento boxes!

Japanese cuisine goes back millennia, and now, Deliveroo are adding a modern-day addition to make it easier than ever to access. It all starts with our online menu listings, which reveal some of the best Japanese eateries in the Northampton area. Choose from options ranging from teriyaki-rich yakiniki (barbecued and grilled meats and veggies) to heaps of fresh sashimi salmon.

Once you place your order, our dedicated delivery team will begin the takeaway process, arriving at your chosen restaurant, picking up your food, and delivering it directly to your door. You’ll only have to break from your pre-meal meditation for a moment to grab your food, and then you can continue your cathartic experience! Whether with the family or solo, we bet it’ll be one of your most peaceful meals this week.

Despite being a country of well over 100 million people, the Japanese restaurant experience is one of respect, gratitude, and peace. After Tokyo, the next-best place to experience it is at your kitchen table. At home, you’re the master of your domain, and you deserve to have control not just over what you eat, but also where you eat it! That’s true food Zen.