Chinese takeaway from nearby Canterbury restaurants

Who doesn't enjoy sweet and sour chicken from a local Chinese takeaway? But what if you could order restaurant-quality food from authentic Chinese restaurants delivered straight to your door instead of a box of oily noodles? Well, with Deliveroo, you can!

All our dishes are cooked to order in established Chinese restaurants with the best ingredients and the best chefs. We have traditional favourites like sweet and sour, special fried rice, and chicken chow mein. But there's more to Chinese cuisine than the old staples! Why not mix it up with Szechuan or char sui pork, delve into some dim sum dumplings, or wow yourself with some wanton dumplings? Deliveroo puts Canterbury's best Chinese restaurants right at your fingertips and brings authentic Chinese food to your door in minutes!

Canterbury: Chinatown in the South East

As easy as it is to find a local Chinese takeaway, these establishments often serve stereotypical dishes under the guise of authentic Chinese food. But with Deliveroo, you can order the best, most authentic Chinese food from local Chinese restaurants at the touch of a button!

In China, food is divided into the “Eight Cuisines of China”. These usually refer to regions where certain dishes or styles of food originate. They are Anhui, Cantonese (the most common style in the UK), Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan (Szechuan) and Zhejiang. Each has a different style and approach to cooking, making Chinese cuisine one of the most varied in the world. So explore the depths of Chinese cuisine and enjoy favourites like char sui pork, beef in black bean sauce, and Szechuan chicken at Deliveroo!

Choose from a wide range of Chinese restaurants and noodle bars. With a vibrant student community, Canterbury is at the heart of the cuisine scene in the South East. And the city's Chinese restaurants are among the top eateries in the UK's Chinese food pantheon. Deliveroo brings you the best quality, choice and service from authentic Chinese restaurants in Canterbury. So get those chopsticks ready!