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Canterbury is a city in the UK that is popular for being a place of pilgrimage during the Middle Ages, and let's not forget the cathedral. Modern Canterbury offers a wide range of conveniences, such as takeaways brought straight to your door. If you are looking for halal foods such as goat curry or the meat and noodle dish laghman, that choice is yours. If you are up for something simple but sweet, you can go for Lebanese shawarma, which is a wrap of hot pita bread that is filled with veggies, smoky, tender chicken, and a variety of sauces. Or how about a halal pizza or chicken burger? You also get to enjoy kottu roti. This is a Sri Lankan dish made with shredded flatbread and usually contains either chicken, beef or mutton, along with an assortment of vegetables. Additional options include Afghani kabuli pulao, which is steamed riced mixed with raisins, carrots and lamb. Let's not forget Turkish doner kebab, great for a late-night snack or for a quick bite during your office lunch break. The choice is yours; simply let us know what it is you want to tuck into, and we will make sure to deliver it right to you.

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Top Halal restaurants in Canterbury

Looking for some top notch Halal takeaway in Canterbury but not sure where to start? You can start by choosing one of these highest rated Halal restaurants as rated by you.

Gluten free Halal restaurants in Canterbury

Whether you fancy something new or an old favourite, these restaurants in Canterbury will get some gluten-free Halal to you in no time.

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