Chinese takeaway from nearby Brighton restaurants

With four main regional types of cooking, ordering in Chinese food is never boring in Brighton. From Cantonese to Szechuan, there’s something for everyone and if you’re looking for a takeaway that’s beyond the average, you’ll be right at home with Deliveroo. A premium delivery service, we cover Brighton’s best Chinese restaurants, so bringing you gourmet cuisine is never a problem.

Work up an appetite while you peruse our online menus. If you are daydreaming about having crispy Peking duck with a side of plum sauce, sticky rice and prawn crackers, it’s another quality dish in our listings and you won’t be disappointed. Cooking for the family is always fun, but ordering in takes all the stress away from dinner preparation. Deliveroo can help you choose a feast of Chinese cuisine, and with a few clicks online, your order will be winging its way to your door.

Brighton: Chinese food that differs from the norm

Just like Brighton, Chinese food is never boring. You not only have four different types of cuisine, but you also get choices of meat and seafood which aren’t found in most cuisines. Shark fins and snakes are just two unusual ingredients to be found and while you may want to stay safe with a chicken stir fry or crispy shredded beef, consider something new!

Go for a full three-course meal with wonton soup, sweet and sour pork, and baat bo fon (rice pudding to you!) for something a little different. Chinese food is comfort food, but gourmet dishes are so worth having in the comfort of your own home. Premium food requires a premium home delivery service and with Deliveroo in Brighton, you can ensure you won’t be waiting long.

There’s more to Chinese food than what’s to be found at the local takeaway, so why wouldn’t you want to enjoy the finest fare when you can? With Deliveroo’s online listings, you can find a top restaurant from the many nestling in Brighton’s streets and lanes, and order your selection with a few clicks. Eating in is the new eating out, and it’ll be with you in no time.