Sichuan Grand

Sichuan Grand serves up authentic Sichuan cuisine. That means lots of spice! Hotpots are their signature dishes, ideal to share among a large group. Order now for a taste of the real Sichuan.


  • Signature Pork Dumpling in Special Sauce (红油水饺)star_filled

    An irresistible Sichuan side dish. Tender pork filling wrapped in soft wonton skins and smothered in a fiery red oil sauce made with soy sauce, Chinkiang vinegar and chilli oil.

  • Prawn Dumpling (*4) (蒸虾饺)star_filled

    The most popular dim sum dish. Juicy prawn filling wrapped in a translucent skin and steamed.

  • Sichuan Grand Boiled Tender Beef Slices in a Spicy and Lip-Tingling Sauce (水煮牛肉)star_filled

    A hot, flavoursome and addictive Sichuan dish. Tender marinated beef simmered in an aromatic broth seasoned with Sichuan chilli bean paste and a generous amount of spices.

  • Sweet and Sour Chicken (咕噜鸡)star_filled

    A classic favourite. Crispy deep-fried chicken in a tangy, fruity sauce with chunky vegetables.

  • Dry Fried Green Beans (干煸四季豆)star_filled

    With or without pork mince. The typical Sichuan dish.

  • Crab with ginger and spring Onion 姜葱螃蟹