Order Thai takeaway from nearby Manchester restaurants

Thai food is renowned for being hot and spicy and wonderfully exotic. Thai dishes are a perfect balance of sweet, salty, bitter, sour and spicy. The colours and aromas are heady and mouth-watering, and will make you want to keep coming back to Thai food. When you want to get away to Thailand’s sunny shores just order online with Deliveroo’s range of local Thai restaurant menus. We’ll have your favourite dishes ready for delivery to your door.

Tuck in to the fragrant flavours of coconut milk, Kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, bamboo shoots and Thai basil in dishes like Thai green curry, gorgeous peanut and noodles dishes, tofu broths with shrimps and galangal or in the sticky sweet coconut and rice ball desserts. Now, thanks to Deliveroo, you can enjoy Thailand’s exotic delights at the click of your mouse.

Fancy a bowl of Thai Noodles? Check out Deliveroo's Manchester Menu for delicious options

While noodle dishes are common in most Asian countries, Thailand serves its own of range of stir-fried, steamed or grilled noodles made from different ingredients like wheat and rice. Added to this are a variety of ingredients like chicken, beef, pork, fish and tofy with basil, chilli, garlic and exotic spices to give the whole dish that quintessential Thai vibe.

Pad Thai noodles, a Thai staple, is a common food in Manchester restaurants and can now be enjoyed at home thanks to Deliveroo’s online ordering. Whether you want a quick mid-week meal for one or you want to share a Thai banquet with friends, Deliveroo make it easy to eat Thai. Choose your favourite dishes from our online restaurant menus and everyone can enjoy their favourite dishes in no time.

If you want a hearty and healthy broth with delicate fish and aromatic lemongrass, a vibrant and zingy red Thai curry with jasmine rice, a sticky peanut chicken satay or a slippery bowl of shrimp noodles, Deliveroo are here to bring Thai restaurant food right to your doorstep.