Order Thai takeaway from nearby Leeds restaurants

When it’s time for Thai food, look no further than Deliveroo for your next fix of Southeast Asian fare – renowned for being fresh, nutritious and packed full of flavour. Leeds boasts some of the best Thai cuisine around, so with just a few quick clicks you can choose a slice of Bangkok or a piece of Phuket without leaving home. And, Deliveroo will bring these top-quality restaurant meals to your front door!

When you think of tucking into Thai takeaway it’s impossible for a few tantalising staples not to spring to mind. From fragrant basil, refreshing lemongrass, roasted coconut to spicy chilli sauce. Or, tangy tamarind and savoury peanuts among an abundance of adventurous ingredients. So, if a mouth-watering mix of exotic herbs and spices sounds like it's up your street, order Thai food using Deliveroo’s online restaurant and menu listings – and don't forget the fish sauce.

Choose Leeds for a taste of Thai

With Thai, it's tough to go wrong as you choose between warming green, red or yellow curries. Use the Thai curry traffic lights to help you decide which pastes and spices you prefer. Or, simply plump for a filling stir-fry, classic fish cakes or ever-popular Pad Thai.

Bowls of piping hot rice are integral to most Thai dishes but forget plain-boiled and pick your grain from sticky, jasmine or steamed in coconut milk and banana leaf. Or, if you're on team noodles when it comes to Thai food accompaniments, opt for egg, flat rice, glass or crispy. What's so appealing about Thai cuisine, is that you can eat your fill of fried rice, creamy curries and grilled meats or just enjoy a lighter bite, like fresh papaya salad accompanied by the crunch of crackers.

Thanks to Thai food's focus on the delicate balance between sweet, spicy and sour, there are revitalising broths, soups and snacks to suit all, whether it is a luxurious treat for lunch or a dinner banquet for friends. With Deliveroo's range of menus from some of Leeds' most renowned eateries, there is plenty to tickle your taste buds.