Order Thai takeaway from nearby Cambridge restaurants

Bangkok is world-famous for spicy pastes and curries that make it a haven for passionate foodies. While it isn’t possible to fly to Thailand every time you want a bite of Thai food, you can certainly eat well with Deliveroo! We’ve gathered the menus of the city’s best Thai restaurants together for you to order from.

A few dishes immediately stand out. Nam tok, or ‘waterfall’, is a delicious grilled pork salad that comes with a chilli, green onions, mint sprigs, and fish sauce dressing. The famous red chicken curry is prepared using coconut cream, and served alongside rice with finely chopped kaffir lime leaves on top. Thai green curry is a wonderful mixture of bamboo shoots, coconut milk, Thai basil, eggplant, chicken, lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal and selected herbs. With a large range of Thai dishes on offer, you can order a top-quality takeaway from Deliveroo.

Tasty Thai orders to leave you craving more

A distinguishing feature of Thai cuisine is the use of spices, herbs, seasoning and fish sauce, adding a signature taste to its dishes. A few regional variations carry influences from neighbouring Laos, Malaysia, Burma and China. Thai food has become well established in the UK and Cambridge has a wealth of top-quality restaurants, whose menus include a wide range of options.

Thai curries and soups have their place alongside entrees and rice dishes on Deliveroo’s menus. Some curries are transparent while others have coconut milk and soy sauce. Gaeng kiaw wan or green curry, is moderately thick and spicy. Gaeng massaman is a mild curry with potato and roasted peanuts. Gaeng pet, also known as spicy curry, is a fiery red dish.

Thai soups blur the lines between curry and broths. Tom yum is a classic example with many ingredients, often including prawns. Thai cuisine’s other well-known dishes include the many noodle and rice-based dishes, many of which come with meat. Some restaurants in Cambridge do specialise in authentic Thai dishes but many combine Thai and Western recipes to suit Western taste buds. You can count on Deliveroo for excellence, so visit our online listings and make your order now.