Order Thai takeaway from nearby Brighton restaurants

There are only a few places in the world where you can buy gourmet street-style Thai food, and Brighton is one of them. Those who are old hands at Thai food will know that street-style food is the most authentic way to experience Thai cuisine. With the wonderfully fresh aromas, flavours and colours, you’ll want to join in that experience!

At Deliveroo, we’ve partnered with the finest restaurants in Brighton, so the Thai food available is guaranteed to be premium quality. This matches our premium delivery service, where we wing your order directly to your door. When it comes to street-style Thai food, and cuisine originating in every part of Thailand, Brighton’s Thai chefs use only the freshest ingredients to cook up a storm. Order a takeaway online tonight if you’d like to sample the variety and quality available, and transport your taste buds across the world!

Brighton: Traditional food in eclectic lanes

Among all the cuisines of South East Asia, Thai is one of the most fragrant and diverse out there. With diverse cuisine comes a diverse city and Brighton is right up there! Thai chefs in Brighton do their utmost to provide traditional cuisine in one of the biggest seaside cities in England. You don’t have to be a fan of curry to enjoy Thai cuisine either, with its huge range of choices like crunchy, handmade spring rolls, marinated chicken satay and prawns in golden coconut butter.

Rice is a dietary staple in Thailand and many dishes have rice incorporated into them. Thai food is known for its unique combinations of seasonings and though most of the food is quite hot and spicy, you can always find something well balanced enough not to burn your mouth! Coconuts are just as important as rice and this addition to the diet is simply delicious, with cooling coconut concoctions balancing out the chilli heat that comes through in nearly every dish.

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