Order Thai takeaway from nearby Birmingham restaurants

Thailand’s cuisine uses many fresh and fragrant ingredients and is sure to invigorate the senses of all who try it. In the same way as Indian curry has its distinct array of spices, Thailand’s curries (to name just one of its popular dishes) adhere to their own set of intriguing flavour rules. Those foodie enthusiasts who are looking for an alternative to an order from one of the more common takeaway cuisines will find plenty to enjoy with Thai food.

An order with us may not transport you to a sandy Thai beach, but it might just get your taste buds there! Isn’t that the joy of food? Any good cuisine has a special way of giving you an insight into how people in other countries live their lives. Deliveroo allow you to have a special, restaurant-quality experience within the comfort of your own home.

Brilliant Thai in Birmingham

Those looking for rich flavours are sure to find them within Thailand’s food. One of Thailand’s most renowned dishes – papaya salad – will deliver a punchy dish, both sour and sweet. You truly won’t have tasted anything else quite like this before.

Mellow diners can go for a Thai green curry or coconut milk chicken soup. These dishes are creamy and warming with just a hint of lime or chilli in the background, to give a depth of flavour which doesn’t overwhelm. These dishes, while rich, are surprisingly light due to their coconut milk bases. This leaves you with more room for some optional side dishes! Chicken skewers marinated in satay sauce – a blend of soy sauce and peanuts – would make for a great choice. Another popular yet light dish – this time for those seeking a chilli kick – is the spicy beef salad. This would also make for a great starter if you’re ordering a delivery as the host of a dinner party.

Red Thai curry provides something heartier and hotter! Chilli fans should be delighted by the unique spiciness of galangal chilli and garlic. Thai food will accommodate every sort of appetite and prove a refreshingly original order.