Sushi food delivery in Reigate

There’s nothing so delicious as a bento box of beautifully prepared sushi. Even better? Enjoying fresh sushi at the dining table of your own home. Don’t sit at the revolving sushi bar where you may not get your favourites if you don’t have to. Deliveroo can bring you fresh California rolls and tofu pouches stuffed with rice and vegetables at the touch of a button. With us, most sushi restaurants in Reigate are covered so your feast could be winging its way to you now.

With a city, so famous for its gourmet fare, sushi is well received as a dish of delights in Reigate. Go for raw slivers of delicate fish atop cold rice balls for something simple and light. And for something a little heavier, salmon and avocado chirashi sushi will be the new favourite. Savour every bite from a cuisine rich in history with Deliveroo.

Reigate: Fish famous and sushi rich

Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan and for a very good reason. In Reigate, sushi is becoming increasingly popular and why not? A healthy dish that is beyond the average takeaway options. Sushi is a light, healthy food and so is a famed cuisine for those watching their weight alongside those who simply want great food! There are many ways to eat great sushi and whether you are at home or at work, Deliveroo can bring you sushi from some of the best sushi restaurants in Reigate.

Providing you remember to dip your sushi fish side down into the wasabi sauce, you’ll have a fantastic balance in every bite. With cold rice prepared with sushi vinegar, sticky balls of nigiri with slivers of fish topping them off, you can enjoy mouthfuls of pure flavour. If you prefer something a little denser, go for temakizushi. These are nori seaweed rolls filled with sushi rice, seafood and shredded vegetables and packed tightly together.

Sushi is something to experience whatever your tastes happen to be. With Deliveroo the menu is at your fingertips and ready for you to order, now.